Stamped Perf


I found this bowl at Muji which shows how the holes in perforated steel distort when stamped…

Pretty nice huh?  Not sure if anyone got around to trying this at QMC but the holes squish from ovals to slots and depending on their alignment to the grid they can get slightly pointy, almost diamond shaped.  It gives the bowl, an otherwise directionless object, an interesting sense of orientation.

Another nice thing about this bowl was its size…it’s about 15cm in diameter.  I never realized how handy it is to have a small colander.  Most are a massive, gallon-sized affair which is great when you are cooking fettuccine for a family of 12, but if you just want to rinse off some basil leaves or corral a few shrimp in the sink something this size is far more practical.


One Response to “Stamped Perf”

  1. katiemacd Says:

    I love this David.
    I think that a few small colanders in stacking sizes would be really nice. Maybe the size of the perf changes too–or the spacing of the holes–with each colander in the stack…

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