Picnic Set. Design: Scott Klinker


Point of View: American lifestyles are an on-the-go, multi-tasking mix of living and working. My concepts try to balance an attitude of refined eating with constant dynamic movement. Click on image for larger view.

4 Responses to “Picnic Set. Design: Scott Klinker”

  1. katiemacd Says:

    The material of the containers could be an issue as metal isn’t microwave safe…

  2. sklinker Says:

    This would be a lunchbox for 2. Is this an appropriate new product category for Alessi?

  3. pgavin Says:

    Maybe the strap should connect to the plastic container rather than the lid so the container wouldn’t fall off if pulled on unexpectedly?

  4. jtruex Says:

    As a lunch box for two would this contain multiple containers of the same food? Would the containers need to be passed back and forth? A shared meal usually involves transferring from food containers/ cooking vessels to individual plates/ bowls; it will be interesting to see how this shared experience translates on-the-go.

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