Notes on Posting Projects by Scott


Hi All!

A few suggestions about format here, so our blog stays tidy. First, I recommend that you compile your concepts into a single 8.5×11 page in photoshop at 72dpi (screen rez). I’ve uploaded some examples and suggest that you include your name, project name and some description on the page.

Here’s how to post it:

1. Log in

2. at the top of the site, go to New Post

3. At the pop-up window goto upload/insert, click on ‘image’.

4. A select file window opens, find yr file and select it.

5. There’s two specifications you need to add in this section. Under ‘Link URL’ choose the ‘File URL’ button. (This lets you click on the image in the post to see it full size).

Under Size choose medium.

6. At the bottom of that window click ‘insert into post’. You should be done. You can check you post in the site. You can always go back and edit it if needed or add a comment.

Please be patient and give it a try. I look forward to seeing your work.



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