Cornbread Pan : John Truex


Sand mold cast in iron, this cornbread pan is an updated implement for cooking a traditional American southern food staple.

4 Responses to “Cornbread Pan : John Truex”

  1. Alessi Says:

    mmm… the problem here is to find something that looks far inhalf from the good tools the people already may find in shops…

  2. sbeautyman Says:

    Is there a way to improve upon what the market already has to offer in terms of the cornbread pan?


  3. sklinker Says:

    What else could we make out of black, cast iron? It’s a beautiful form and seems very American – like American colonial artifacts. Very different from Alessi’s standard language of mirror-polished stainless.

  4. sbeautyman Says:

    Cast iron fits really well into the American typologies theme. Perhaps an object’s function could harness the weight and the non-washable, wok-like seasoned surface of cast iron cookware…


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