Laptop Lunch Box. Design: Scott Klinker


Point of View: American lifestyles are an on-the-go, multi-tasking mix of living and working. My concepts try to balance an attitude of refined eating with constant dynamic movement. Click on image for larger view.

7 Responses to “Laptop Lunch Box. Design: Scott Klinker”

  1. davidatstudiomake Says:

    This one instantly reminded me of an art piece that a friend of mine did ( While Roman’s commentary is a bit wry I think the shared idea of the laptop as a unit of measure is interesting.
    Scott’s design assumes the absence of a laptop and comfortably moves into its vacancy. Is there a scenario where the two (laptop and lunch box) can co-exist? Maybe the newer, smaller netbooks create a scenario where space is leftover in that bag that was usually filled with a 17″ behemoth.

    Is there a point where laptop and lunch box can interact or relate, in the bag or on the desk?

  2. sklinker Says:

    My design does not assume the absence of a laptop in the bag. This lunchbox slips into your bag (or purse) right next to your laptop. Both are thin. I assume people will eat lunch in front the laptop as is now normal. Perhaps an image of that here would help.

  3. Alessi Says:

    Is there the possibility to keep food inside, I mean, can you take your food, prepared at home, with you to office? I make this question as it seems so thin……


  4. sklinker Says:

    Gloria, I imagine this to be about 3 cm deep. It is inspired by a Japanese Bento Box which is quite thin. Yes, you would prepare food at home and take it with you to the office. It could fit sushi, or a sandwich and salads – for example, pasta salad. The inside containers would be a microwave-safe plastic. The outside container would be stainless.

  5. katiemacd Says:

    I wonder about the weight–how much weight can you add to your shoulder before it becomes annoying? Before it becomes a problem?

  6. sklinker Says:

    the outside metal shell here would need to be gasketed to prevent leakage. Would require some engineering.

  7. sbeautyman Says:

    I’m excited about the horizontal orientation, but wonder about size (will is also fit into a purse?). Also- can the interior plastic components function independently from the metal exterior? Are they spill proof/with lids? Also, how likely is it that a prepared selection of foods would all easily fit into a horizontally orientated container?


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