Log Trivet : John Truex


Log trivet consists of two machined solid stainless steel bars, each 1.25″ in diameter by 10″ long. A flat surface is machined into the bottom of each bar to create a resting point. It is part of a series of trivets made from solid stock material with minimal manipulation, highlighting the weight and intrinsic value of the material while providing a flexible base for serving hot casseroles and allowing pans to cool.

7 Responses to “Log Trivet : John Truex”

  1. Alessi Says:

    maybe this family of trivets is the more suitable concept for industrial production, work well on it!

  2. sklinker Says:

    I’m assuming that Alberto’s comment here means that this is the most easily produced of the three trivets. Right?
    Jonathan likes the simplicity. The form is ‘open’ to interpretation. It looks like a simple mass of material. It requires the user to configure them, but is versatile.

  3. katiemacd Says:

    It might be handy if these trivets were all made from the same size stock–the log trivet is 1.25″ while the others are 1″… an owner might be more likely to choose to own all of them if is possible to mix and match them.

  4. jtruex Says:

    Yes, while the other two are formally simple manipulations, I can see that this may be the only one that is actually a simple process to make.

  5. jtruex Says:

    Katie, I’ve been living with the prototypes I made at the workshop and I think they might all be too large. Maybe slightly decreasing the overall sizes and going to 7/8″ or so for the stock (consistent across the three types) could work.

  6. Alessi Says:

    I would like to clarify that Alberto likes all the 3 models and not just the last one. Please John, go ahead with all!


  7. Alessi Says:

    Trivets are valid product typologies from our point of view, which are currently present in our catalogue. Could work well in the market if it’s the right one.


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