Tulip Base Cake Stand : John Truex



A Saarinen Tulip Table, made in miniature in spun stainless steel, is displayed along with your cake in a blown glass bell jar. Cake stand dimensions 10″ high by 14″ diameter.

6 Responses to “Tulip Base Cake Stand : John Truex”

  1. Alessi Says:

    i need a cake stand! try to improve its personality and it may be gone…

  2. spapac Says:

    Alberto – Can you give us some insight into what you mean by “personality”? Thank you.

  3. sklinker Says:

    Must this be a direct quote from the Saarinen table? Perhaps the proportions could be reconsidered?

  4. sklinker Says:

    Jonathan says the gesture is nice, but the interaction may be tricky. Lifting this glass may be heavy and would require us to lift it high to clear the cake. Must test it.

  5. Alessi Says:

    It’s a very interesting product type that could probably work well from a market prespective, if it’s the right one.

    I agree though with the above comment on the functionality problems of the huge glass bell.


  6. Alessi Says:

    John, I spoke with Alberto about your concept. We both agree that the glass bell should be reduced and cover just the upper part of the stand. It would bee too heavy and not so funtional.
    About the ‘improvement of personality’ we mean that it looks now too close to the original model of Saarinen. You should add a more personal touch, still keeping this lightness and pureness


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