Fire Plates – David Schafer


9 Responses to “Fire Plates – David Schafer”

  1. pgavin Says:

    i wonder about the portability issue. I doubt someone would want to carry around five to six cast iron sheets. The thickness of the material required for them not to buckle from the heat will make the package heavy. Also the clean-up factor. Maybe your sheet profile includes a handle to un-slot the plates easily from one another? I support the flat-pack concept, where this thing is assembled and then doesn’t move around too much.

    Cool idea, nice name, and cheap to produce. Americans like all of these things.

  2. davidatstudiomake Says:

    The weight indeed influences the definition of ‘portability’. I think they would be a seasonal set up or special event sort of mobility. But hopefully they are the kind of object that brings a special quality or certain flavor which makes people willing to tolerate certain gravitational characteristics. I traveled with an old Zero Halliburton suite case for several years (literally found it in a dumpster). It had obviously seen many miles and reminded me of the more romantic aspects of travel. It was so cool and I got so many compliments on it that I didn’t mind the lack of wheels, carrying it around was actually quite a chore…but I loved that suitcase.

    Clean up factor is an issue, this combined with the weight makes a carry bag a significant part of the package.

    Handles are definitely in the drawings, and I am starting to explore strategic ribbing and material relief not only from an efficiency stand point but also as an opportunity for ornament (like NYC manhole covers).

    The size of each plate is something that I have yet to resolve as well. How big does the fire need to be?

  3. Alessi Says:

    but what meterial(s)?

  4. davidatstudiomake Says:

    I think the ‘plates’ would be made of cast iron and any accessories would be a more refined stainless steel.

  5. sbeautyman Says:

    Aesthetically I find this really attractive, but in material wouldn’t ceramic be a better option for the design? And is white the best color option given it would dirty immediately?


  6. sklinker Says:

    Flat packing is a technique that is usually used at the lower end of the market, but Alessi makes high-end exquisite objects. Flat-pack and Alessi seem like a disconnect.
    Could the scale here work for a habachi on an urban porch or for tabletop?
    Formally, could more material be removed around the bottom, to make this form ‘float’ a bit more?

  7. Alessi Says:

    Cast iron means also a huge wheight. Anyway, please go ahead and let’s see: maybe it will be feasible!

  8. Alessi Says:

    Sorry: I forgot to leave my name in the previous comment


  9. Alessi Says:

    This product seems to have a high “experience” content which in this case could be very interesting. It might mean great outdoors time with friends, family or loved one, weather at the beach or simply in the garden/patio (interesting point, that of the found haliburton suitcase).

    Probably, if you really want to cater to outdoor bonfires (beach, mountain, etc.) it would be important to find a solution in which the weight is limited and portability is at acceptable levels.

    The idea of accessories to roast, etc is also interesting.


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