Quilted Trays – David Schafer


3 Responses to “Quilted Trays – David Schafer”

  1. Alessi Says:

    Could you please explain better the concept? If I understand correct, you have a tray that could be modified easy into different shapes: in one tray you have more trays. Is it correct? If so, how could be possible technically? Do you also use a special metal?…..


  2. davidatstudiomake Says:

    Gloria, good question. I see that the description is a little unclear… there are two ideas that I am suggesting with this product: one is about form/function and the other is about a manufacturing technique.

    I have started to explore tray forms (5 of them are shown) that do not have a specific top or bottom, but suggest a certain type of use depending on which side is up. The trays are multifunctional in the sense that they can be used on either side. They would be stamped from stainless steel. (They are not able to be physically modified… though that is a good idea!)

    The idea about using an inexpensive ‘finned die’ is about reducing tooling costs and therefore being able to offer the consumer many different forms with less financial investment from the manufacturer. My next step is to explore the limits, character, and feasibility of this finned die. (Is this a technique that anyone is familiar with?)


  3. sklinker Says:

    The idea of variation or variance here seems less interesting than the quilting pattern. I’d rather see some specific forms that express the quilted surface. The way it’s shown now, I get the feeling that the form is not important i.e -any form will do. The big idea is the quilted surface. Show us that.

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