TableTable by Patrick Gavin


TableTable is furniture for the table top.  Formed out of polished stainless steel, the design is a tray with legs, providing additional surface area on which to store or present objects.






6 Responses to “TableTable by Patrick Gavin”

  1. sklinker Says:

    this concept has some similar qualities to the project above. In fact, I keep wondering what would happen if it was ‘upholstered’ with a thick piece of leather on top?

    Which raises the question about application here. Is it a table for my cellphone, wallet and keys? Or for my sushi?

  2. pgavin Says:

    The Diez project is a nice one. The form of TableTable derives from a similar aesthetic, one we noticed at Quality Metal Craft in Michigan– that of the metal forming process typically used in unseen structural members of automobiles. There is a certain “inside-outness” to it. In my case, the same surface that is the tray top becomes the interior of the leg. A simple move, yet one driving my intention that the object be of one material. I thought originally about having a wooden top surface, but moved away from that as I liked the idea of it being a platter. I feel there is a real intimacy to Alessi products, obviously because one eats or drinks with them. I’m not opposed to the design being in this category.

  3. davidatstudiomake Says:

    I can get on board with what you are saying about the single material and “inside-outness” but for me the lip starts to narrow its utility…I prefer to think of it as a tiny table and the lip shifts it to a tray with legs.

    Do you think this is an object for special occasions or is it for daily use?

  4. Alessi Says:

    nice, a bit expensive…

  5. pgavin Says:

    What changes would you suggest to make it less expensive? Making the tray and legs out of different pieces and then having a joint to connect them?

  6. sklinker Says:

    see our comments on V2 above.

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