Katie MacDonald


6 Responses to “Katie MacDonald”

  1. davidatstudiomake Says:

    Katie, Do you have thoughts about possible materials for your trays and containers? Are there lids associated with each?

  2. katiemacd Says:

    Yes–though I still have a bit of thinking to do. I am working on a full sized model and hope to figure out the materials when I have it finished.
    It’s my intent that this be a multi-functioning thing, so I’d like for the lids/inserts to be interchangeable, and for there to be more than one material involved–so maybe a few of the containers are ceramic for the oven or microwave.
    My biggest concern at this point is the weight. It is important that one can carry it as a complete unit–otherwise the convenience of it goes right out the window.

  3. Alessi Says:

    yes, but be aware within this typology it is challenging to be consistent on the functional point of view… i need more infos on the material and proper shape/use/function.

  4. Alessi Says:

    Maybe it would be interesting to see (or read about) alternative use scenarios…


  5. sklinker Says:

    What’s the right amount of containers here? How about one entree and 3 sides? That would simplify your system. This really has to be about presentation on the table. It needs a strong gesture. A single row of containers?

  6. Alessi Says:

    New material? did you manage to make a good synthesis of dimensions/function?


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