Metal Fabric Vessels – Richard Elaver


5 Responses to “Metal Fabric Vessels – Richard Elaver”

  1. Alessi Says:

    metal nets look too complicated to use, unless they are extremely simple: i hope to be wrong, let’s see the opinion of the others alessi…

  2. katiemacd Says:

    This process allows you to take advantage of the fluid nature of a textile construction–but the forms themselves speak to a type of textile use that is very formal/heavily constructed. Have you thought of exploring the more natural way fabric moves? Like, for example what happens to a grain sack when it is filled?

  3. katiemacd Says:

    To clarify the last comment–is there a way you could explore (and freeze) natural curves/movement rather than designed curves/movement? Could be interesting…

  4. sklinker Says:

    This chair has a stamped mesh back that may be of interest. It’s more conventional than the draping forms you use here, but shows one state of the art with this material.

    I imagine cleaning these things might be a trick. Could there be stainless inner dish that fits inside?

  5. Alessi Says:

    Maybe this kind material could be more easily accepted by the public in product categories that are not food-related?

    You could eventually try to also apply the technology to other product categories.


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