Nested Enamelware Measuring Cups – Suzanne Beautyman


4 Responses to “Nested Enamelware Measuring Cups – Suzanne Beautyman”

  1. Alessi Says:

    try to be as far as possibile from the exhisting vessel on the market today, to find their unique personality… i also need the position of Danilo about feasibility…

  2. sklinker Says:

    I think the big idea here is the enamel coating on steel, but I’m not convinced that this is the most exciting expression of this. Could you, for example, have selective areas of enamel coating and selective areas of pure stainless? A stainless vessel half-dipped in enamel, to show two contrasting surface qualities? What vessel forms would accentuate this approach?

    I can easily imagine the current proposal in ceramic, which kind of defeats the idea that it is metal. Show us the beautiful metal!

  3. Alessi Says:

    From a marketing perspective, it might be an interesting product typology. It saves space in the kitchen, a feature which is often requested.

    How many cup sizes would be needed to cover most cooking/serving needs?


  4. Alessi Says:

    have you made further steps on this project? if so, please update us with pictures!

    thanks, gloria

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