SNP01 – Adam Shirley


salt and pepper set

5 Responses to “SNP01 – Adam Shirley”

  1. davidatstudiomake Says:

    Wait a minute, is Adam making computer models???
    How important is it that these objects feel crafted and hand made (spontaneous and natural)? Versus digital and synthesized?

    I am curious about how they function with such large holes… Does the crimp modulate the flow? Do you have thoughts about the refill method? Which one is salt and which one is pepper!?

  2. Alessi Says:

    good! i like it, even if the only way to manufacture i see is shell moulding stainless steel (Danilo?). add proposals fort he size and number of holes.

    also, from you i was expecting something out from a sheet of cold formed metal (please try).

  3. Alessi Says:

    A classic table product type that is always interesting to see in a new approach. I am also wandering about how you plan to modulate flow.

  4. sklinker Says:

    Adam, this is a good start. I know you have other concepts you have been working on. Please post these ASAP. I’d prefer to see photographs of real studies.

  5. Alessi Says:

    Adam, the first pictures looks interesting! do you have new pictures showing the development of this concept?


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