Squish Dish – Richard Elaver


4 Responses to “Squish Dish – Richard Elaver”

  1. davidatstudiomake Says:

    The sheer mass of these will be nice for keeping hot things hot and cool things cool.

  2. Alessi Says:

    the simpler bowl is maybe the best option, in general we do not like that much aluminium as a material for keeping eatables… but maybe…

  3. jtruex Says:

    The pressing tool presents some interesting possibilities. Since the tool is the negative form of the finished dish could you make the tool specific shapes to suggest specific uses (e.g. the tool is the shape of a particular food)?

    Would this process transfer to a different material to avoid the aluminum?

  4. sklinker Says:

    I think this is better small and simple – better as an expressive piece than loaded with utility. A special utility feels forced here. It’s simply about how it’s made.

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