I’ve designed another version of TableTable. As I am concerned about the manufacturing costs involved to produce the first version, for the new design I’ve separated the tray and legs from each other and added a joint between them.  Ideally the tray and joints would be stamped out of thin stainless steel sheet and the legs are extruded stainless tube.  The joint would be non-visibly welded to the tray; the leg would be swaged to the joint.  Polished finish.

Dimensioned drawing (PDF): tabletableV2

4 Responses to “TableTableV2”

  1. jtruex Says:

    A full size dining table necessarily has functional (knee) space underneath. In miniaturizing is there a way to reconfigure these multiple spaces? Can this be not only a stand but somehow suggest storage/display beneath and around it?

  2. sklinker Says:

    I’d still like to see the nesting/bridging little brother to this one. As per John’s comment above: How to activate the space underneath? And what other concepts are you working on?

  3. Alessi Says:

    this second and simpler version is probably the best solution for this typology. anyway will you create two prototypes (of the first and the decond verison) or just one?


  4. Alessi Says:

    It’s an interesting product.

    Have you thought about how it is going to be used? What is its funciotnality in a lunch/dinner context?

    It would interesting to think about how it could be presented… does it save space? or highlight food items?

    Could it also have a life as a desk accessory?


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