2-Position Cake Stand V2. Design: Scott Klinker


One form = Two products.  The product could be produced in wood (shown in solid walnut) and metal. The metal version is made from 4 spun parts of stainless steel that are welded together. The design is equally functional and elegant in both positions. The form is strictly functional, with the exception of the two-column structural support, which lends an attitude of ceremony, ritual and classical romance- a playful cartoon of Cranbrook’s design legacy. The double columns and bold proportions draw attention to this object as miniature architecture on the table.  The wood model shown here has 3 columns instead of 2. Dimensions: 30.5 cm Diameter x 10.8 cm high.

3 Responses to “2-Position Cake Stand V2. Design: Scott Klinker”

  1. sklinker Says:

    I could see this product in a stainless version AND a hardwood version. I’m building a model in hardwood.

  2. Alessi Says:

    I think that this version is more interesting than the previous one. it looks also more functional


  3. Alessi Says:

    As with the previous version, a double functionality is usually well received, especially for a product that tends to take up space in the kitchen.

    I think it could be interesting as a stainless steel product.

    What about the size?


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