Kitchen Tower – Iris Eichenberg


2 Responses to “Kitchen Tower – Iris Eichenberg”

  1. ieichenberg Says:

    The Kitchen Tower attractively occupies minimal counter space while providing most of the culinary equipment needs of a one or two person household.

    The strong purity of the materials is an aesthetic as well as a practical choice. Though the materials on the outer surface of the tower will develop over time, the practical qualities of each material will remain constant. The copper bain marie will change colour over time, but will always be the best choice for melting chocolate due to the way that copper holds and distributes heat.

    When stacked, the Kitchen Tower creates the sense of calmness that organization can provide. The glass element on top can act as a stage for a still life of personal objects or it can flipped over and used as a spacious vase.

    When disassembled, there is a strong contrast between the nearly industrial exteriors and the playful, colourful interiors of the elements. There is a wide range of forms as well as materials,(including the handle pictured in the lower left corner of the last photo, which is to be used to pick up the containers when they are hot)which makes the Kitchen Tower a viable solution for the kitchen of a second home, or a small apartment.

    The elements of the kitchen tower have been realistically designed in a size that is essential for meal preparation. In a smaller size, they would be rendered useless for anything but collecting dust.

  2. Photo Booth by Expressions Cinema Says:

    Photo Booth by Expressions Cinema

    Kitchen Tower – Iris Eichenberg | Cranbrook for Alessi

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