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Banana Frame by Patrick Gavin

January 31, 2010

Bananas bruise quickly when lain on a flat surface. Banana Frame is a small four-legged structure on which someone can hang the fruit to avoid this situation. Made of cast aluminum, its cross-section is sized to nestle neatly within banana stems. The geometric form composes itself around the organic shape of the fruit— like the picture frame surrounding a still-life painting. The object continues Alessi’s commitment to a ‘dignified’ consumer experience, providing people with both a functional and artistic product.

For Scott.

December 15, 2009

I spotted at my local kitchenware store this low-key ‘lunch jar’ which reminded me of both food container concepts posted by Scott.  Made by a Japanese company (in Thailand).  I think this idea of organized, compacted hot and cold food is  under-served in the American market.


December 12, 2009

I’ve designed another version of TableTable. As I am concerned about the manufacturing costs involved to produce the first version, for the new design I’ve separated the tray and legs from each other and added a joint between them.  Ideally the tray and joints would be stamped out of thin stainless steel sheet and the legs are extruded stainless tube.  The joint would be non-visibly welded to the tray; the leg would be swaged to the joint.  Polished finish.

Dimensioned drawing (PDF): tabletableV2

TableTable by Patrick Gavin

November 15, 2009

TableTable is furniture for the table top.  Formed out of polished stainless steel, the design is a tray with legs, providing additional surface area on which to store or present objects.






Design Museum Interview with Alberto Alessi9

November 5, 2009


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